After MyBody, the ‘smart’ knitwear dresses that smooth and shape the silhouette, the AZ Factory experimentation continues, with modern daywear made from 3D engineered activewear fabrics upgraded with couture details.

For  SuperTech-SuperChic, we collaborated with European start-ups Byborre, a fabric engineering lab, and Nylstar, a premium sustainable yarn producer. Each piece was made with at least 86% Meryl® Skinlife Force, a soft, breathable and highly absorbent yarn technology made from recycled nylon microfibers, whose inherent properties ensure maximum freshness, reducing the need for frequent washing and excessive water consumption. The nylon was dyed using Meryl® Ecodye, a sustainable waterless dyeing technique wherein the color is added during the spinning process, thus completely eliminating the toxicity of traditional coloring treatment.

After carefully selecting the optimal materials, we worked on integrating couture-like details to create a smart fabric with perfect malleability and stretch. The result is six different textured patterns, which we crafted with couture-like details to create volume and shape. The result is ultra-wearable clothing which brings hi-tech to high fashion, blending fashion and function the AZ Factory way.


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