When Alber started AZ Factory, he wanted to reset how fashion operates, to do things differently. This included throwing out the industry’s “dos” and “donts” and reinventing the rules. Today, we love to see how you style your AZ Factory and make it truly yours. In this new B.U. series, we want you to Be You and inspire you with multiple ways to wear your pieces, starting with the Reworked Asymmetric Ruffle Top.

1) Tone down the exaggerated silhouette of the top with denim or a printed scarf, for a laidback, cool-girl look.
2) Layer! Style your top over a color-coordinated long-sleeved turtleneck for a monochrome statement, or create a bold contrast with a black base layer.
3) Simple but clever: turn your top around, and wear the back zip at the front for a different neckline altogether. Adjust the zipper for your preferred coverage.
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