AZ factory with MOLLY MOLLOY&LUCINDA CHAMBERS:Latest collection reveals

During Paris Fashion Week, AZ Factory revealed its latest collection ‘Paris, seen through the eyes of their sensibility’ at Fondation Cartier, created in partnership with Molly Molloy and Lucinda Chambers, who share the Maison’s commitment to creating ‘smart fashion that cares’.

With quality, craftsmanship, sustainability, upcycling, and the empowerment of women at the forefront, this collaboration is an exploration of innovation and designs that pay tribute to Alber Elbaz's legacy while looking resolutely towards the future.  

Together with the AZ atelier team, Molly and Chambers showcase twists on archetypal femininity, fluidity, lush fabrications, draping and in architectural forms, sculptural details, and offbeat volumes–codes that very much reminded the duo of Elbaz’s ethos and body of work. 

Other key elements that run through the collection are unexpected details (like the red velvet dress that’s slashed away at the back), layering, surprising pairings, as well as drapings that nod to couture, in whimsical prints and reused deadstock fabrics; all tailored to meet the needs of the modern-day woman.

The accessories showcase the art of upcycling–introducing a bucket style, in re-used, sumptuous leather, featuring the pill print, and new versions of Molloy and Chamber’s now iconic woven bags, created in collaboration with an all-women, Colombian weaving tribe that the duo have worked with for years.

The collection also features a limited edition run of 35 one-of-a-kind stools crafted in wood, deadstock leather, and intricate mosaic tiling. These stools were created in a collaborative effort between AZ Factory, Molly Molloy, Lucinda Chambers, FERRILLOBELLI, and Friul Mosaic. The entire show and collection pays homage to collaboration, artistic exchange, and a commitment to sustainability.