AZ Factory’s collaborative creative project, Carte Blanche, is back. For this second installment, we invited humanwear artist Sissel Karneskog to contribute their vision of modular styling. The video project, entitled Modular Femme, features AZ Factory modular jewelry and Free To tops in juxtaposed frames, at various stages of getting ready.

Inspired by Sissel’s “I Am Them” Royal College of Arts work, the film is an exploration of the different sides of their visual identity through clothing, makeup and hair, and an expression of non-binary existence that showcases the internal tension between the masculine and the feminine, a process which has resulted in a renewed appreciation for their fluidity. In dissociating from the inanimate objects and norms that have historically dictated what gender expression should look like, Sissel is able to instead harness these as channels for their personal expression. The film aims to disrupt, dispute and deconstruct pre-conceived ideas of what objects should be used for, by repurposing them in an inclusive manner.

By providing a way to play along the outskirts of the fashion system, the Carte Blanche project gave Sissel space to explore a different vision of it. In supporting this freedom of expression, we are proud to continue to support AZ Factory’s core value of inclusivity, with a platform for people to live authentically and express themselves through fashion and beyond.