AZ Factory with Amigas

We are thrilled to invite AZ Factory Amigas to the Pop-up store, to introduce their work to our fashion family.

Join us throughout the pop-up period to discover more!


AZ Factory with...

Maripol - Maripol is a French-American photographer, filmmaker and stylist.

A longtime collaborator of Jean-Michel Basquiat (Downtown 81), Grace Jones and Madonna (Like a virgin) among many others, she is known for her iconic Polaroid shots, which she started taking in the late 1970s and which hold significant cultural relevance today. 

Marion Vidal – Interested in drawing, dancing and music from a young age, Marion Vidal initially chose to pursue architecture, before shifting to fashion.

She launched her eponymous ready-to-wear and accessories label in 2005, then dedicated her full attention to jewelry.

Her avant-garde collections are made by hand with French and Italian artisans, and assembled in her Parisian atelier-boutique.

Emilie Lisi – The founder of Atelier Brume is a multi-faceted ceramics, art, design and embroidery creative, who seeks to explore relational value beyond form.

Her ceramic compositions are produced in an atmosphere of continuous experimentation, with the fragility of the material suggesting direction, shape and color.

Sous le Manteau – Olivia Bransbourg, the French New York-based founder of multi-disciplinary creative space Iconofly, has been creating singular artistic and olfactory projects since 2006.

After being appointed Creative Director at the Takasago laboratory in New York, Olivia developed unique projects for perfume brands until 2015, before conceiving Sous le Manteau in 2016. The label is now present in 17 countries, and was nominated as a finalist for this year’s Indie Fragrance of the Year Award.