At AZ Factory,

we believe in smart fashion that cares, we believe in founder Alber Elbaz’s original vision: to reset the way fashion operates, and to do things differently. 

We are a collective laboratory and factory, a place that nurtures creativity, emotion, and playful storytelling around core values of love, trust, and respect.

We bring together our Amigos – talents, partners, customersto experiment and try new things.

Alongside these Amigos, we create beautiful, fun, practical, and solutions-driven fashion that works for everyone. 

We maintain a steadfast commitment to transparency, sustainability, inclusivity, and education.

 In October 2021, we brought together our Fashion Family for the “Love Brings Love” collective runway show, a moving tribute to Alber.

 Today, with renewed emotion, we are happy to announce that our first Amigo to design one of our next product stories with us is Thebe Magugu.


What’s next?

Wait and see…

More surprises to come.

Welcome Thebe Magugu!