Sustainability has been a core AZ Factory value from day one, and we believe in continuously trying to be better. We’re aware perfection doesn’t exist, but we will always strive to do the best we can, by experimenting, and utilizing the resources at our disposal.

We are incredibly proud of Reworked, our recently-launched in-house upcycling project. By upcycling existing garments and stock fabrics into new creative pieces, we are able to extend the life cycle of our clothes and re-invent, revive and repurpose them, thus helping to reduce waste and support a more circular fashion economy.
Love Brings Love:
We are proud that our recent Love Brings Love tribute product story features several Reworked pieces: the Reworked Asymmetric Ruffle Dress was made from a transformed MyBody Asymmetric Bow Dress, by using existing recycled satin duchesse polyester for the exaggerated ruffle detail. 
AZ Factory with Thebe Magugu:
In our most recent collaborative product story, created with Thebe Magugu, key pieces contain at least 67% recycled polyester, including the pyjamas, skirts and several of the blouses.
The collection also features several Reworked pieces, made from existing fabrics and MyBody product stock.
What's Next?:
Going forward, we plan to expand our Reworkedupcycling project, and will continue to experiment with existing product and fabric stock to bring value to our garments, our customers and our wider community of Amigos.