Repurpose with a purpose

AZ Factory joins forces with Bas Timmer to create a capsule collection to support people living unsheltered.

The 5th ‘Amigo’ for 2022 sees a surprising collaboration of AZ Factory in support of Sheltersuit Foundation to help unsheltered people around the world.

Hand in hand with AZ Factory’s design studio, Sheltersuit’s founder Bas Timmer imagined a collection of bags crafted from repurposed overstock leather and silk from AZ Factory stocks, ranging from the emblematic backpack to different smaller utility bags that feature a relaxed and playful allure.Each bag sold will finance the creation of a Shelterbag which will be donated by local Non-profits:  what a better way to reaffirm AZ Factory motto “love brings love”?

The collection will be distributed exclusively with Net-a-Porter starting from 21 December 2022.

About AZ Factory

Believing in smart fashion that cares, AZ Factory creates beautiful, practical, and solutions-driven fashion that works for everyone.

Anchored in the highest disciplines of style and savoir-faire, AZ Factory makes pieces that seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with forward-looking applications and technology in quest of true innovation.

We are on a journey to design beautiful, purposeful, solutions-driven fashion that works for everyone.
We are life, not just lifestyle, a place to experiment and try new things, our way. 
——Alber Elbaz

About Sheltersuit Foundation

Social justice organization, Sheltersuit protects the homeless population from the cold and rain by providing them with full-length coats that metamorphose into a sleeping bag.

Their pieces are assembled by refugees, former homeless people and are made from upcycled materials. Sheltersuit supplies impactful products and provides warmth, comfort and dignity.

Paris, December 2022