As the end of the year draws near, AZ Factory is embracing a central tenet of its core brand values: inclusion and support of emerging talents. 

Shot by Parisian photography and video duo Julia & Vincent, the campaign features four young women, hand-picked from within the fashion industry to showcase the variety of talent it fosters, from design to styling and media curation. In this collaborative project, we get to know Jasmine, Naima, Anna, and Winta through their individual professional paths and visions of fashion.

Each at different stages of their career development, they share how their personal experiences have shaped their approach to personal style, an approach which was in turn reflected in the campaign itself, an open exercise of collaboration between Julia & Vincent, the talent and AZ Factory’s own team.

The result is a bright and joyful showcase of ambitious and unapologetic women in clothes designed for their very kind. With looks featured styled by the women wearing them, this is an authentic representation of AZ Factory as it was intended.
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