Ultimate Amigo and designer Lutz Huelle takes an inspiring approach to his latest collection at AZ Factory, starting with the simple yet instrumental question of what his friends would want to wear–titled “F is for Friendship”.

The outcome is a stunning array of vivid hues, striking silhouettes and sequins, offset by practical denim pieces that imbue the collection with versatility and all-around wearability.


Long-time collaborator Olivier Zahm, captures this collection and creates a fun juxtaposition of glitz and glam through a raw, timeless and grungy lens for Purple Fashion Magazine.

The cover story featuring talents, Jèrèmy Cardoso, Anhelina Borovina, Carolin Brite, Alexandre Jeffery, Maggie Maurer and Kim Schell, who transport us to a whimsical world of after parties and playing dress up. Formality gives way to carelessness and free-spirited revelry, capturing the unadulterated essence of Huelle's collection and Zahm's vision.