At AZ Factory, it all started with a little black dress. Long cherished by Alber and forever loved by women worldwide, the heritage piece has held onto its appeal for the timeless confidence it provides. Yet, aware of the lengths the women around him were going to in order to feel fabulous in their own LBDs, Alber reasoned that there must be a way for the iconic garment to provide solutionwear-worthy functional support, as well as style.  

Enter MyBody! The early AZ Factory product story remains central to our design ethos, and is a favorite of our customers all over the world today. The Anatoknit technology used in the pieces smoothes and supports without feeling restrictive, with the technique adapting to the body’s curves and thoughtfully designed for all body types, to make women look and feel their best by highlighting their figures instead of concealing them.

So, no dieting needed here… MyBody is intended for everybody and every body!

(Re)discover the product story below.

The Shoulder Wrap Dress is the quintessential LBD – sleek, simple and a little sexy, you’ll wear it for years to come.

The Puff Sleeve Dress is a modern take on the classic: the exaggerated silhouette is a couture-worthy statement in itself, intended to do all the talking and attract all the attention.

The Reworked Multicolor Gown gives chic and sporty, for your most fun occasions.