Produced from nylon micro-fiber fabrics typically reserved for activewear, the SuperTech-SuperChic pieces are woven with couture-like details, and designed for wearability and breathability. The seasonless collection was created in partnership with two innovative European start-ups: fabric engineering lab Byborre and Nylstar, a premium sustainability yarn producer.

With Byborre, the challenge resided in identifying the optimal materials, then working to integrate 3D knitting techniques into the fabrics to mimic traditional couture codes. True magic was achieved in leveraging the technical properties of high-performance activewear to create modern daywear, with texture and volume worthy of runway pieces. The final result is a “smart fabric” containing the optimum amount of malleability and stretch, with each style holding a new kind of craftmanship at its core.

Nylstar, on the other hand, supported with painstaking quality testing to ensure durability, comfort and easy care – a must for busy women on the go who want to look their best, while doing their part for the environment. Each product was produced from at least 86% Meryl® Skinlife Force, a soft, breathable and highly absorbent innovative yarn technology, whose inherent properties guarantee maximum freshness without the need for frequent washing, thus reducing overall water consumption and extending the garment’s lifecycle.

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