Did you know most AZ garments are NFC-enabled? A result of a unique partnership with SharpEnd, the near field communication-enabled technology in our clothing tags allows shoppers anywhere to enter Alber Elbaz’s “Alber & Amigos” world and enjoy a one-of-a-kind customer experience. Tap your smartphone to the tag on any piece as your gateway to Amigos HQ, and access your personal avatar, as well as brand news and updates. Swipe left to The Factory, home to exclusive, Amigos-only content and product information. Swipe right to head to the Studio, where a space for playful personal expression awaits. Share your inspiration, save your looks and participate in activities to move up within the program. Ready to play? Your new community awaits.

The NFC-enabled Alber & Amigos experience is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphone devices, and further information is accessible at azfactory.com/NFC