"We've never been asked to do this before..." - That's what the AZ Factory team loves to hear when meeting with our partners the first time.

We collaborate closely with our suppliers and manufacturers in the pursuit of true innovation, taking the time we need to get it right.  In the case of Anatoknit and the MyBody product story, Alber asked the design team to work like engineers, merging technology and design to sculpt the body.  It took 9 months of back and forths with our partners to get the perfect fit.  

Turning dreams into reality is our day job.  Sometimes dreams can be nightmares, but this is when it becomes interesting.  Although not always easy!  We can let go of those nightmares when we find solutions.  We turn these nightmares into dreams again. - Alber Elbaz

AnatoKnit is AZ Factory’s new innovative knitwear technology composed of ENKA® Viscose and Lycra. This ultra-soft and flexible textile is specially engineered to strategically sculpt and support the body, while allowing for breathability and comfortable movement. Different knitting techniques, invisible to the human eye, work with the natural curves of the body to provide gradual compression in specific targeted areas. The result is a smooth, streamlined silhouette that simultaneously hugs and shapes you.

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