Meet AZ Factory’s newest family member: the Hugging bag, an all-in-one athletic-couture nylon bag that sets you free. Revealed as part of the latest Free To campaign, the new style combines versatility, functionality and technological innovation.

Made from high-quality water-repelling nylon, the bag provides maximum utility and durability for everyday wear.  The adjustable strap allows you to wear it as you need and as you please, on your shoulder, across the body, as a belt bag, clutch, backpack or handheld.

The lightweight chain adds a distinctive touch (and more ways to wear!), and you can customize yours to reflect your style and personality, with exclusive AZ Factory gold-tone charms. Using high-frequency technology, the word “Love” is embossed across the bag’s front flap, offering both a touch of modern craftmanship and a nod to AZ Factory’s over-arching message of inclusivity and respect.

Joining the ever-growing family of AZ Factory modular garments, the Hugging bag is intended for women on the go who love to do good… and look good while doing it!

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