Meet Free To, a new product story to celebrate the world’s progressive post-pandemic reopening. Fully finalized by Alber in his last weeks with the AZ Factory team, the collection’s messages of escapism and hope feel more relevant and meaningful than ever, with bold, hand-embroidered lettering crafted on elevated hoodies, tops and sweatpants, encouraging us all to Run, Hope, Love, Hug and Kiss our loved ones and to embrace life as we know and love it.For this collection, we partnered with European textile company PYRATEX® on the development of a unique fleece fabric, made from fully traceable organic cotton and a biodegradable, carbon-neutral seaweed-blend. Beyond their environmental impact, the fabrics used also ensure breathability, insulation and protection, for a soothing and comforting feel when worn, like the hug we’ve all been craving throughout these unprecedented times.In accordance with the collection’s over-arching theme of inclusivity, we will also donate a portion of proceeds from all Love-embellished ready-to-wear pieces to the It Gets Better Project, a global organization focused on uplifting, empowering and connecting LGBTQ+ youth around the globe to help create a strong sense of self-worth.