Shot on 35mm film, Nicolas Kuttler’s Free To ecommerce behind-the-scenes is a raw series that provides viewers with an insider peek at the collection shoot.

The images capture the pieces in unpolished, real-life settings, and reinforce AZ Factory’s vision for everyday dressing: the contrast between the couture-like details of the garments and the mundane backdrops parallels the approach to designing brought to the brand by Alber. Why choose between dressing up or down, comfort or style, when you can tackle it all; who says you can’t wear sneakers to a party, leisurewear out to dinner, or bodycon to work? Gold pumps are spotted waiting expectantly on a staircase to head out, the Hugging bag lays on a sofa, like it’s just come through the door from a busy whirlwind of a day, and the soft studio lighting blurs the lines between night and morning, making it impossible to distinguish time of day. Ultimately, Kuttler’s visuals translate a creative vision that is as unexpected, surprising and cheeky as AZ Factory’s.


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