Meet the artists behind the newest additions to the Switchwear Story! Hailing from all over the world, David Tavčar, Zora Stančič, Tijana Tripkovic and Iracema Trevisan created the colorful, optimistic pyjama designs with AZ Factory to reflect the current collective mood. The beautifully decadent pieces, which bear names like “The Kiss”, “The Hug,” "I Love My Body" and “You're a Star,” were mainly designed remotely, via Zoom.

As true multi-disciplinary creatives, the artists drew from personal influences including contemporary art, textile, film and electronic music to create pieces that carry depth and significance.

Trevisan blends elements of nature and technology in her work, whilst Tripkovic includes references to the female form as an expression of self-love rather than sexuality. The result is an edit infused with meaning. We sat down to get to know each of the artists, and took a peek at their creative processes to learn about the hopeful messages of love and togetherness behind their work.