With innovation infused at every level of the brand, it was only fitting that AZ Factory would create state-of-the-art customer experience at all touchpoints, too. The near-field-communication (NFC) experience was born from a desire for increased customer engagement, as well as seamless and transparent access to product information. The technology (also used in contactless payments) provides an innovative way to embed digital content into garments, with the clothing’s tags as the activation point.

When developing the brand, it felt essential to designer Alber Elbaz to incorporate a space which would feel more meaningful than a traditional customer shopping account. From there, the Alber & Amigos world was born. “A few years ago, while attending a U2 concert in Paris, Bono dedicated the song “Beautiful Day” to me on stage. I was so touched - as a thank you I posted a selfie of us on my then-new Instagram account. New to social media, I was told to add a “hashtag.” I wrote what came to my heart: #alberandamigos. I continued to use it for the posts that were dearest to me, when I was with my closest friends. When we began AZ Factory, it was important for me that my customers also be like my friends. Over time, I hope to get to know each and every one of the amigos better. With this friendship, I will continue to create beautiful, purposeful fashion that responds to their needs with style.”

Tapping a smartphone to the garments’ tags, in essence, is the gateway to the Alber & Amigos space. Upon entry, visitors gain access to three areas: Amigos HQ, The Factory and My Studio. As its name indicates, the first serves as the central hub of the experience, its starting points. Here, customers will have access to their personal avatar, latest AZ Factory news, and other surprising and entertaining content. Swiping left will lead to The Factory space, home to the brand’s content, as well as exclusive product information, made uniquely accessible to Amigos. Swiping right, on the other hand, opens into the Studio, a personal space for playful expression. This is where Amigos can share and celebrate their style, save looks from The Factory and participate in activities which, in turn, allow them to move up within the program.

The NFC-enabled Alber & Amigos experience is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphone devices, and further information is accessible at