Fully finalized by Alber, the Free To product story is the embodiment of his lively, joyful design sensibility. Filled with bright colors, bold lettering, doodles, and appliqué, chain and ribbon embellishments, the collection is a true reflection of his lifelong craft.

The creative process is at times spontaneous bursts of imagination, paired with minute craftmanship, and Alber is seen repositioning and perfecting each design until he’s wholly satisfied. 

Watch the master at work, doodling, scribbling, moodboarding, sewing and coloring his ideas into reality, and listen to the endless attention to the minutiae in the feedback provided to his dedicated teams as he reworks each piece to perfection, down to the smallest detail. 

Join us behind the scenes to see the pieces come to life, from the earliest sketches to our recent campaign shoot. Born in his creative mind, road-tested at the Factory HQ and intended for real-life wear and play, the Free To story is now available to shop and enjoy by all.

Discover the story