A few years ago, while attending a U2 concert in Paris, Bono dedicated the song “Beautiful Day” to Alber on stage.  He was so touched - as a thank you he posted a selfie of the two of them on his new Instagram account. Alber was told that he should add a "hashtag" on the post.  Not knowing what that meant, he wrote what came to his heart: #alberandamigos.  He  continued to use this hashtag for the posts that were dearest to him, when he was with his closest friends.

When we began AZ Factory, it was very important for Alber that everyone we interact with be treated as friends - and especially our customers.  That's why our membership program and our community is now called Alber & Amigos - to keep you all close to our hearts.  Over time, we hope to get to know each and every one of the amigos better.  With this friendship, we will continue to create beautiful, purposeful fashion that responds to your needs with style.  

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And here to see the original Alber & Amigos post from Alber!