AZ Factory with Amigos Accounts

- How do I create an account?

To enjoy free express shipping on all orders, create your account by clicking on the "AZ Factory with Amigos" in the main menu or on the account icon at the top right of our homepage and selecting "Create an account". Your first and last name, an email address and password are required information to complete an "Alber & Amigos" account.

- I forgot my password. What do I do?

To reset your password, visit the account sign-in page by clicking on the account icon at the top right of our homepage, or "AZ Factory with Amigos" from our main menu and selecting "Password forgotten", under the "send" button. Please provide the email address you used to create your "AZ Factory with Amigos" account and you'll receive a link in your inbox to reset your password.

- How does My Lovelist work?

Create or log-in to your "AZ Factory with Amigos" account to save your favorite products for future reference by clicking on the heart icon at the top right of the product picture or product page.

- What is the NFC Tag? How does it work?

Our NFC Tags contain access to exclusive experiences: behind the scenes videos, style boards, an Amigos streaming wall, and so much more. To enjoy the content, unlock your smart phone and tap it against the "AZ Factory with Amigos" logo on the garment care label. To learn more about NFC and your smart phone's compatibility, visit

- How do I delete my account?

Please send your request to our customer service via our Contact Form.