Products & Care

- Where are AZ Factory Creations manufactured?

In every product description you can find more information under "Materials & Care" to verify the sourcing, origin and composition of our materials.

- What is AZ Factory's AnatoKnit and how does it work?

AnatoKnit is AZ Factory's new innovative knitwear technology composed of ENKA® Viscose and Lycra. This ultra-soft and flexible textile is specially engineered to strategically sculpt and support the body, while allowing for breathability and comfortable movement. Different knitting techniques invisible to the human eye work with the natural curves of the body to provide gradual compression in specific targeted areas.

ENKA® Viscose is a natural polymer based on the renewable raw material wood, which consist of 40-50% cellulose - the most common organic and renewable plant material.

- Where else can I find authentic AZ Factory Creations?

Every product purchased from our online Boutique or from one of our authorized online retailers,, and fengmao should be considered authentic.

- How do I take care of my product?

We include detailed instructions for the care of your garment in every product description under "Material & Care".