Celebrating the extraordinary life and work of Alber Elbaz, AZ Factory brought together for the first time 45 fashion houses for a collaborative fashion show named “Love Brings Love”.

As a souvenir of this historic moment, AZ Factory designed a collection of five organic cotton connected t-shirts featuring an original quote from their beloved founder, as well as a signature grosgrain ribbon embroidery and hand drawn prints.

AZ Factory added an NFC tag to each t-shirt in order to guide purchasers through Alber & Amigos, AZ Factory membership program - a digital experience created in collaboration with connected experience agency SharpEnd. Each t-shirt is linked to a unique NFT (non-fungible token) of an original drawing by Alber Elbaz.

To claim the ownership of this NFT, t-shirt owners first need to scan with their smartphone the NFC tag embedded on their souvenir t-shirt. Then, they can claim the NFT by signing up to Alber & Amigos from a web-based wallet provided for AZ Factory by Arianee, the leading NFT platform for luxury and fashion.

What is the NFC Tag? How does it work?
Our NFC Tags contain access to exclusive experiences: behind the scenes videos, style boards, an Amigos streaming wall, and so much more. To enjoy the content, unlock your smart phone and tap it against the "Alber & Amigos" logo on the garment care label. To learn more about NFC and your smart phone's compatibility, visit tap.io.tt.