Built around values of inclusivity and authenticity, AZ Factory is proud to present a new creative program, with the aim of bringing to life both the incredible design of Alber’s brand, as well as our core belief system. The aptly-named Carte Blanche is a collaborative photographic project with emerging talents, each given complete freedom to express their personal visions of AZ Factory. For this first installment, we partnered with three young creatives, who each highlighted different pillars of the brand.

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Paris-based Priscillia Saada brought joyful, childlike spontaneity to her visuals. The beach in Quiberon where Saada was vacationing with her family provided the perfect backdrop for the occasion, with the seaside light bringing a saturated moodiness to the shots. In them, pieces from AZ Factory’s Switchwear and MyBody product stories come alive with her professional dancer sister’s movement and the ocean-powered wind, reflecting the spirited feeling that we hope wearing AZ Factory brings women all over the world.

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Next up was French-born and Paris-based still-life photographer Charly Gosp. Driven by an intuitive perspective of his surroundings, Gosp showcases enthusiasm in the ordinary, his work revealing a colorful imaginary universe where misappropriation and playful composition provide a unique take on the quotidian. Typically used to studio work, Gosp says this project differed in the freedom of pace it afforded him, though his visual signature remained intact: shot in Morocco during his personal travels, his imagery is saturated with color and intrigue, the perfect contrast to AZ Factory’s color-pop Pointy Sneaks and slip-ons.

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The third talent for this instalment was photography duo Louise & Maria, based between Copenhagen and Paris. The strong sense of womanhood that permeates their work is present in their Carte Blanche imagery, in which thoughtful composition and an attuned sense of color showcase a powerful vision of AZ Factory’s bold Switchwear pieces.