Nestled in a building built by French architect Jean Nouvel, the Fondation Cartier for contemporary art has developed a program of multidisciplinary exhibitions that takes its visitors on surprising journeys, provoking unexpected collisions of artists, scientists, philosophers, musicians and architects. Over more than 25 years, the institution has evolved and transformed, with each exhibition leaving its unique imprint on the building.  AZ Factory has been housed by the Fondation, lending an exceptional place to build our brand from the start.

Renowned at home and abroad for his unique approach to architecture, Jean Nouvel took on the challenge of harmoniously combining 1200m2 of exhibition rooms and six floors of office space (part of which now hosts the AZ Factory teams) on Paris’ boulevard Raspail. The building’s majestic glass galleries look down into the surrounding gardens, and the reflection of trees, plants and the sky on its multiple façades confer an unexpected but peaceful quality to the structure. This indoor/outdoor aesthetic offers visitors the impression of traveling through an evanescent building.
The architecture of the Fondation Cartier also sets the tone for its artistic programs. Artists are invited to conceive temporary exhibitions in situ, forming a true dialogue with the space. Each showcase allows for a different view of the building, with each artist offering a truly unique vision of their surroundings through their work. The Fondation’s garden is itself a work of art, commissioned to artist Lothar Baumgarten. Created around a modular structure, it reflects a perpetually-evolving, hybrid nature. As a significant conservation space, the garden is also home to numerous endangered animal and vegetal species.

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